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Fertile maintains a committed vision towards agricultural issues. With its skill in developing emerging business models, its know-how of media coverage, its regional presence and globalised network, Fertile now actively contributes to the building of new initiatives in Normandie.

— A region under development

Crop innovation

Ideally located between the hills of the Perche and the ocean, Normandie, is home to the largest farmed area in France.
We support all innovative projects of a whole new generation of entrepreneurs.




— In search of innovation

Fertilizer, innovation by design

As acknowledged by Tim Brown of the IDEO agency in Palo Alto, Design Thinking is a knowhow of creative agencies endowed with an empathetic and user-centered state of mind.
It is a method of research by ideation that leads leads to breakthrough innovation.
At Fertile, our know-how as a creative agency coupled with our knowledge of agricultural
environments allows us to gauge the relevance of a project. The basis of our offer to enrich your projects lies in our ability to design a product like La Perche straws from straw, or a delivery service like Les Paniers Perchés, but also to knowing how to anchor a positioning, to invent a business model that is both viable and liveable, then to structure impactful communication.

The Fertilizer Program

We support pre-seed projects that require expert input in order to provide better structure when facing a first round of funding.

The Bloom Concours

Each year, alongside our partners in the media, we make a call-out for innovative projects in competition format. The winning project benefits from an accompaniment endowment within in our premises at Fertilizer.

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“Design Thinking is a human centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.”

— Tim Brown IDEO

— A case study

Lord of the Trees : accompaniment at 360°

Lord of the Trees is an Australian startup, created in 2019 in Sydney by Aymeric Maudous. This startup restores forest and marine ecosystems using drones, robots and AI, and has an operational presence across 5 continents. This particular case demonstrates the extent of what we can bring to a project over the three phases of its initial preseed development, that is to say before investors are interested in it.


Creating the brand

Jeff Lubrano's initial mission consisted of rectifying brand image, creating its universe, its logos and its image from scratch. Once this work was done, it was easier to deploy the project on to print and digital media in order to show the project in the best possible light, and with a visual impact at the desired level its founders ambitions.


Capital Raise

Just being pretty in not enough to attract an investor, you must also convince, and backup with statistics. This is the essence of the Business Plan concocted by the Lord of the Trees team and laid out by Jeff, alongside the Pitch Deck and all of the presentations of projects in the pipeline. This all encompassing work convinced Tim Draper as to the merits of the pitch, leading to an initial investment in December 2021 financed through his new $240 million dollar ESG Fund.



Since then, Fertile has managed the brand's global communication. We create the group's communication media, the entire Corporate Identity Program (CIP), the brand's website as well as that of their not for profit arm, all presentations to the brand’s partners and sponsors, and ensure their audio visual productions, namely their inaugural clip “We Are On” which was screened during Cop 26 in Glasgow.

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Fertilizer, the biostimulant for your projects

Apart from the annual Concours Bloom which takes the form of a call-out for projects, we are
open to studying all regional projects related to plants and algae at any time.
Do not hesitate to contact us.

Our partners

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