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Does our expertise in eco and circular design pique your interest and meet you needs? We would love to be of service to yours. Fertile places it’s vast experience branding, positioning your project or business, and communication strategy (but that’s not all). 

— Co-create the brands of tomorrow

Fertile projects

Collaborating with us will provide access to strong teams with creative vision, experienced in operational skills across all media.

Fertile is a little like a molecule that mobilises the best atoms of creativity for your projects. We are small, yet mobile, lively, and creative. 

We can accompany you right from the moment of conception of your project, closer to maturation, or whenever necessary to optimise development of your brand or assist adapting a range of products.




— it all starts with the brand

Branding is a creative process aimed at linking good strategy with great creativity

This statement from Marty Neumeier (The Designful Company) underlines the importance of the brand in the company’s positioning strategy. The brand, it’s title, as much as it’s design, embodies much more than a product: it carries an approach within, a positioning, a discourse, a way of doing things, and reveals a universe that will form the scope of contact with it’s customers.

The brand presents everything that is distinguishable in a company, an initiative, a product, or a service, and suggests what it is not, and also carries within the potential of what will be.

At Fertile, we know how to create strong brands that wish to express a distinct vision, coupled with the know-how and the added value that their team brings to the brand. Creating such depth of field is a job, it’s the job of graphic designers.

Even if the brand already exists, it is not the whole. Hence, Fertile doesn’t just stop there. 🙂


Is the process of determining and creating the brand name, one which is available and with an available domain name, which can be a challenge!


Once choice of name has been determined, the next step is logo design, which establishes the brand, with its slogan, its icon, its base-line .. A purely creative stage, cementing the brand in its positioning, both apparent and subliminal.

Brand Image

Logos will of course be present across multiple platforms and media, therefore how it is implemented must be well coordinated. It is essential to anticipate brand presence in print, online and across social networks.

Gonzague Dejouany

Président, the Nesting Cie

“ Jeff est un gourou de la com et ce n’est pas un hasard si nous travaillons ensemble depuis plus de vingt ans ! Sa créativité complète exactement ma propre expertise, ce qui nous permet à deux d’élaborer les meilleures stratégies en parfaite symbiose et complémentarité.“

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“ Products are made in a factory but brands are created in the mind “

— Walter Landor

— Fertile, at the client’s service

Creating a brand with global design in mind


Visual identity

When we talk brand, we think logo and creating the perfect world that will encompass and accompany it.

Visual identity is the set of graphic elements which identify the company: the name, its logo, the font used, its emblem, the colors used.. All of these elements are what constitutes the graphic charter of the brand which will flow through all of the companies’ visual presence, commercial signage, letterheads, from website to TV advertisement, and all audiovisual forms.

Our mission is to create visual identities that are coherent and in line with the vision of the company and or the community.



Once created, a brand generates its own interactions with its users. Anticipating those different possibilities across all media is all important to keep in mind. Confirmation of proper positioning of the brand therefore consists of defining the scope of interaction, methodology and expression which lies beyond mere graphics.

The positioning of the company then depends on market sector and defining where the brand’s products and or services are situated in the minds of customers and consumers.

Fertile defines strong and effective terrains for our clients and creates the foundations for placing squarely on the map.


Brand strategy

Once positioned, consistent communication remains essential in asserting brand strategy.

It is crucial to understand how and what to express in your messaging even before you select the form: would you want to have great signage, regardless of the brands graphics or colors? … the logo becomes the sign…Consequently, uncertainty can surround your message and who is speaking: is it the brand, the company, its boss, its star product? What are you wanting to say, to whom, how and on what medium?

Our work lies in being at the service to the idea or the strategy of the brand, pre-empting and solving issues encountered across all platforms through design. We propose concrete visual answers to the challenges of brands wishing to reach audiences across digital platforms by placing form at the service of substance.


Creative missions

Good artistic direction conveys a message or an idea all while preserving the integrity of the brand in accordance with brand content strategy; it is a balance between the desire to be creative in speaking out and the need for consistency in communication.

Fertile can assist with dedicated teams to support our clients on medium-term missions. We can also work in a longer term capacity by dedicating a member of Fertile to the role of Chief Creative Officer (CCO) to work directly with the business manager or the management board.

Consequently, we can work actively across all stages, building our clients’ vision, and implement a clear, strong and impactful brand strategy.

Lady Lydie

Créatrice ONOA

“ Jeff démarre au quart de tour, il a toujours une solution créative sous la main, c’est impressionnant ! Je lui ai confié la création de ma marque, il m’a aidé à trouver le nom, à le déposer, à créer le logo et tous les supports dont j’avais besoin. Et niveau fabrication, Studio Fertile c’est top !“

— Artwork

Brands we have created

Below are a few examples of brand names, logos, slogans and visual identities we have created. Jeff Lubrano has created in excess of 150 brands over a career spanning 34 years!


Nesting is a European investment fund, presided by Gonzague Dejouany, which created the Paris Smart City initiative in 2017, amongst others. We created the brand, developed the visual identity, website and it’s CIP (Corporate Identity Program), including placement and signage of their Parisian headquarters.

Naming | Branding

WATTPARK was initially named Book and Plug. It’s founders started with what they thought best defined their electric vehicle charging station rental service. We rethought the name to PRIZZ, which, unfortunately, was brand that already existed in Germany. We then reimagined and created WATTPARK, redesigned the logo into the form of a plug, personalised their font and colour scheme.

Naming | Branding

Misca is the name we created for Guillaume Boulay, a farmer from the Perche who decided to convert 240 hectares of his farm to a crop of Miscanthus (Silvergrass). 

This plant, also know as elephant grass, is an extremely virtuous crop as it requires little water, no supplements and sequesters huge quantities of carbon. 

Fertile created their brand, logo and is now working their website development.

Naming | Branding

Hugr is a chain of esoteric stores under development which sought a regional anchor in Alençon, Normandie. We created the brand “hugr”, a term which relates to the mind, or fifth body of man in Viking mythology, reflecting the viking history of Normandie. We created hugr’s logo, defined it’s essence as a ‘Cabinet de curiosités’ (Shoppe of Curiosities) and created their store frontage.

Naming | Branding
Tous Paysans

The Orne Chamber of Agriculture and “Ferme en Fete” Association have been organising an agricultural show for 18 years in Alençon, known as the “Ferme en Fete”. As attendance was waning, we put forward a rebranding concept, “Le Salon Tous Paysans”, so as to be more inclusive of the breadth local farmers. This was adopted, we orchestrated and created their visual to showcase all of the Orne’s agricultural attributes in 2019.


Subteno is a Normandie company of IT developers that was created by Sébastien Lange in 2008.

Fertile undertook the revamping of their brand three years ago, creating a more pertinent image of their professional capabilities. We have since been supporting Subteno as their (CCO) Chief Creative Officer and actively participate in their expansion and commercial development.


Annie Lavoisier is the most amazing coach woman in all of Normandie! Specialising in local draft horses, Normandie Cobs, she developed her own business after training at the `Haras-du-Pin’. We helped her by not only creating her brand, visual identity, website set up and media communication and also by configuring her business from its very beginnings.  She now organizes horse-drawn carriage rides in the Parc de l'Abbaye-Aux-Dames for the Normandie Region, well done Annie!

Fertile is a member of the Alliance France Design and signatory of the eco-responsable charter or the AFD. The charter is a commitment to eco-responsible design which can be found online on the Alliance France Design website.

— Piloting your communications across all platforms

Global design and creativity

Fertile works across all aspects of communication, all media, including street marketing, events or web 3 for their clients. Our ability to mobilize teams around a project or action, while mastering the positioning strategy of our clients’ brands, gives us a definite advantage, whatever the medium. We are the guarantors of the integrity of your brand.

— Video Production

We produce all of your media, commercial and advertising needs

For the announcement of Lord of the Trees’ successful initial capital raise, and Tim Draper’s  investment, Fertile wrote, produced and directed a clip, which was broadcast across Lord of the Trees’ corporate communication and during the COP26 in Glasgow.

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« Everything can improve »

— James Dyson

They trust us for that...

Alison Haysey


“ Jeff totally gets us and stays in direct contact. We’ve worked with Studio Fertile for over 10 years and it’s been not only brilliant, but invaluable. We are often under the pump and caught by short deadlines, thus, truly appreciate their availability and just how responsive they are.  They always come through! “

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