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Fertile’s philosophy is also one of promoting positive initiatives that have regional impact. We produce the ‘Bien Mieux’ program, the ‘Program of Positive Initiatives’ and contribute to the development of ESS projects on a pro-bono basis.

— How it works

Economic and Social Solidarity

Fertile is situated in the heart of the of Alençon’s urban community, a significant part of the community’s economic activity is based on the ESS (34% according to 2019 statistics).

Inclusion and solidarity are part of our company’s DNA: La Perche straws from straw were launched thanks to the support of the Adapei in the Orne (not-for-profit association supporting the handicapped and their families). Our current workshop exists thanks to a partnership with the ATRE association.

In 2018, we co-created BIEN MIEUX, an association committed to climate and ecological transition.




— Design with purpose

Bien Mieux : design for good

BIEN MIEUX is a not-for-profit association that assists the imagining and promotion of local, alternative and innovative solutions aimed at developing sustainable products and services : LA PERCHE straws, Aux Paniers Perchés et Les Lutins Perchés during the recent confinement periods, My Project for the Planet with the College of Belleme, and the 1 Million Trees campaign in the Perche…

The association also aims to help the less fortunate improve their communication. We create logos, websites and communication media on a voluntary basis.

The FACE Foundation

Fertile supports the Foundation Agir Contre l’Exclusion (FACE) in Normandie. Jeff Lubrano is a member of the Orne branch.

Contact the association

Contact us to tell us about your projects, and how we might help you.

“ Il n’y a pas d’innovation sans désobéissance.“

— Michel Millot

— Organic solutions

Bien Mieux’s missions


Fight against plastic pollution

Pollution from single-use plastic is a major source of damage to the environment and to our health. More than 10 tones of plastic are produced in the world every second, and we each ingest 5g, the equivalent of a credit card, of plastic per week. By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. (Ellen MacArthur Foundation)


Encouraging ecological transition

We want to create, develop and promote creative initiatives the reinvent our lifestyles and consumer habits, thus, contribute to the re-imagining and the revival of our local regions. Acting locally, with tangible impact, making the Perche, and Normandie, an innovation center point towards a circular economy. Studio fertile Studio Fertile


Regenerate our ecosystems

Nature abounds with ingenuity and creativity: let's take inspiration from Nature and create the future circular solutions that will allow us to eliminate pollution, optimize use of natural resources, to enter into a fully sustainable economy that is as carbon-free as possible. Fertile Studio Fertile Studio Fertile Studio Studio fertile Studio Fertile Studio Fertile Studio Fertile Studio Fertile Studio Fertile Studio Fertile Normandie

— On the radio

The positive initiatives program

The Bien Mieux association has been producing a weekly radio program since 2019 presenting positive and virtuous initiatives in Normandie headed by Line Briard, Charles Aïvar, Alexandra Pasquer and Jacques Lagarrigue. Broadcast on Pulse radio then on the RCF Orne / Calvados /Manche network, Bien Mieux is also available as a podcast. (In French)

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