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Doing more with less, bringing added value to agricultural co-products and discovering how to transform waste into resources are but a few of the innovate challenges we strive to meet on a daily basis at Fertile.

— Expertise


A new generation of bio-sourced materials is gradually replacing plastic polymers derived from petrochemicals. These plastics are not biodegradable, remain in nature in the form of micro plastics, contaminate water, air, soil, and consequently, the entire food chain.
Fertile is devoted to the reimagining of new plastic free solutions, and the creation of biodegradable and compostable products sourced from agricultural and aquatic plant based derivatives.




— innovation through plants

Regeneration by design

Plants hold multiple capabilities and properties, created by Nature itself. We draw our inspiration and new techniques from Nature in collaboration with our R & D partners UniLaSalle, Ensi in Caen, and with the support of Adele Normandy and Normandy Circular Economy. Fertile develops biosourced materials that replace plastics.

Such projects are not undertaken simply to create new products, we ensure the utmost
environmental integrity of materials used and within production and/or cultivation processes.
The choice of plants, their properties and how they are cultivated are paramount in safeguarding ecosystems and not cause harm.


We systematically seek to promote non-intensive organic crops.

Virtuous circle

Be it rye, or hemp for example, we always use virtuous crops that regenerate the soil and require little water.

Local sectors

All of our crops are sourced at a local level in order to minimise transportation costs and carbon footprint.

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“ The idea of finding value in what people are willing to pay to get rid of, is one of the fundamental backbones of ecocapitalism, as I think of it now.“

— Ellen MacArthur

— Plant solutions

3 plant solutions in which Fertile has been investing since 2017 :


La Perche straws

The first natural alternative to plastic straws created as organic agricultural co-product. Studio fertile Studio Fertile Studio Fertile Studio Fertile Studio Fertile Studio Fertile Studio Fertile Fertile


Hemp jeans

Thanks to the know-how of renowned linen expert Henri Pomikal, the hemp textile industry is being revived in France, resulting in the creation of Drekks hemp jeans 100% made in Normandy.


MerSea seaweed

MerSea contributes to the further development of the Normandy seaweed industry through our innovate farming project in the English Channel. Studio fertile Studio Fertile Studio Fertile Studio Fertile

— La Perrière, Belfort-en-Perche

Agricultural co-product

Organic rye seed is the principle product of this crop, however, we harvest in such a way as to preserve the integrity of the stalk which is then recovered to produce straws from straw.
This co-product generates ten times more income for the farmer than on the initial crop alone.

— let’s do even better

Circular chain

PaiPack is an ingenious multi purpose biomaterial developed from rye crop residual. As it is in pellet form, it suitable for extrusion and thermoforming, retaining it’s natural organic qualities while remaining both biodegradable and compostable.
Initial production will be a range of haberdashery buttons for natural fibre (linen and hemp) fashion

Proof of Concept

— La Plaine de Caen, Normandy

Hemp jeans made in Normandy

Growing hemp would seem logical given that the plant has been cultivated for hundreds of years, is very similar to linen, and knowing that 85% of the world’s linen production grows in the NorthWest of France.
Fertile has taken up the challenge to revive and relocate the hemp textile industry, 100% made in
Normandy, in collaboration with linen expert, Henri Pomikal.

— local industry

Project: regionally made jeans

Henri Pomikal has developed an improved and innovative methodology in hemp production involving retting in the field and is now ready to grow at scale. Under the direction of Fertile, and in partnership with the French Organic Linen and Hemp Association, the very first prototypes of the Normandy brand, DREKKS, have been produced by Le Gaulois jeans.


— Hauteville-sur-Mer / Moho Caen

Seaweed farming innovation

MerSea is developing an ocean, lagoon and onshore seaweed farming project in Hauteville-surMer in the Normandy region of the English Channel.
This project is being boosted in this emblematic ocean industry region, through the Crédit Agricole, one of France’s largest banks which specialises in farming, and Moho Village, a coalition of change makers dedicates to solving the world’s greatest challenges.

— an emerging seaweed industry

MerSea and the Channel

MerSea’s primary goal is the development of state-of-the-art seaweed farming methods in Normandy initially to produce a seaweed based drink. Fertile is working to expand on this through the genesis of further elements such as agri-food, biomaterials and agricultural biostimulants

Farming approvals
Initial testing
Proof of Concept

Our initiatives

— Projects, brands and subsidiaries created

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