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We are a hybrid agency, specialising in and focused on the circular economy sector.
We create the products and services of tomorrow and accompany brands in their development.

— vision

Design the world of tomorrow

We believe that in order for the world to remain economically viable, it must, above all, be liveable.
Hence, for us, the designer’s role becomes one of genuinely creating new beginnings within the current linear economy and the promotion and evolution of a circular economy.

Eco-conception within design involves imagining new beginnings, producing sequences of new
possibilities in order to better define new perspectives, promote leaner, better designed and
resource-efficient solutions.

Live able



— mission

Eco-conception at the service of design for maximum impact.

Within a linear economy, products created are destined to be discarded, they generate unmanageable waste, and is contradictory to life within nature which recycles the waste of some to become a resource for others.

The designer’s mission, as we perceive it, must consist of re-imaging the pathways right from the moment of conception to create optimum conditions for reuse, recycling, while limiting drawing upon natural resources.

Optimising our resources enables long term and multiple solutions, the regeneration of ecosystems, with an approach of genuine sustainable development, all of which are essential to maintaining life on our planet.


Eco-design brings so called ‘simple and proved techniques’ up todays demands.

The power of the plant world

Nature’s creativity has remained unequalled for millennia, the plant world is an immense inspiration for and source of alternative solutions.

Knowing how to be canny

Freeing ourselves from petroleum derivatives is a top priority in our fight against the effects of climate change.

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“ Rethinking the future: it is a profound challenge, at the end of an era of cheap oil and materials to rethink and redesign how we produce and consume.“

— Ellen MacArthur

— trades

Our agency is hybrid : we develop our own projects and work on behalf of clients with projects and products in development.


Creative agency

We breathe the creativity necessary into the development of your projects from design to completion across all platforms.


Design studio

We produce products and services with a strong environmental, social and societal impact. Studio Fertile texte


Startup Studio

We identify covetable innovations and bring our circular expertise into their development. Studio Fertile texte Fertile

— Sustainable development objectives

Fertile’s climate strategy

Fertile is moving towards it’s objective of carbon neutrality via it’s climate action plan.
We calculate our carbon footprint, action emissions reduction wherever possible, and maintain a 100% carbon absorption approach for so-called ‘incompressible’, or unavoidable, activities.
Each of our projects is created keeping in mind the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations to transform our world.
These goal recognise that ending poverty must go hand in hand with strategies that develop economic growth, meet a range of social needs including education, health, social protection and employment opportunities while addressing environmental protection and climate change.

— impact

A President committed to the environment

Fertile design studio was created by Jeff Lubrano in 2006 to assist the environmental approach of brands in development and apply considered creativity into local and government initiatives.

Jeff Lubrano is an artist committed to fighting plastic pollution, creator of several enviro-art installations such as “La Larme du Perche”, “Tear of the Perche”, at the Perche Regional Nature Park, in 2017 and the “Salon Plastique”, “Plastique Lounge”, at Jardin des Arts in 2018, Normandy, France.
As a designer, he is a specialist within in the circular economy domain and member of the Circular Economy Club.
A ‘serial entrepreneur’ Jeff is the brainchild behind La Perche – straws from straw, Drekks – 100% made in Normandy hemp jeans, MerSea – innovative seaweed farming project in the English Channel, Normandy area.

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Our partners

— They accompany us on a daily basis :

Our raison d’être

Instilling our raison d’être, our purpose, in to our corporate identity forms the very foundation of
our commitment.

“Our raison d’être is to imagine and develop products and services that have a positive and lasting impact for people, nature and biodiversity. We want to mobilize and inspire our ecosystem of customers, users, suppliers and partners to collaborate in a virtuous way in order to invent a better future for all."

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